Advise in Selection of an Industry

We provide Guidance for the Start – Ups in the following Related areas:

  1. Identification & Selection of Suitable Project / Product
  2. Making Business Plan
  3. Formation Of Legal Entity  (Proprietorship / Partnership Firm/Company/Society/ OPC / LLP etc.)
  4. Udyog Aadhar, GST Registrations and registrations under various Authorities
  5. Provide  Machinery Suppliers List
  6. Preparation  of Techno Economic Feasibility Report (TEFR)
  7. Preparation Of Bankable Project Report For The Same – DPR
  8. Project Report Presentation To Banks &  Liasoning
  9. Guidance For Bank Loan Approval
  10. Building – Plan & Estimate,  Approval Of Statutory Licenses,
  11. Subsidy Documentation  &  Assistance under various Schemes of the Central  & State Government
  12. Assistance &  Support In Establishment Of Work Shed  Plan, Blue Prints & Estimate – Civil Engineer Support
  13. Obtaining Various Registrations / Licenses / Clearances / No Objection Certificates etc from the Concerned Regulatory Agencies, Government Departments / Local Bodies etc., in obtaining  Factory Plan Approval, Licence, Fire & Pollution NOC, Land Conversion, FSSAI,  Import Export Licenses, ISO Certification, GST,  Income Tax.

Advise in Selection of Industry:

Factors Influencing the Location or Selection  of Industries :

(I) Geographical factors, and

(II) Non-geographical factors.

(I) Geographical Factors:

  1. Availability of Raw-Materials
  2. Nearness to the Market
  3. Nearness to Sources of Operating Power
  4. Labour Supplies
  5. Transportation
  6. Finance
  7. Momentum of Early Start or Industrial Inertia
  8. Water
  9. Site
  10. Climate

(II) Non-geographical factors.

  1. Capital
  2. Government Policies
  3. Industrial Inertia
  4. Efficient Organisation
  5. Banking Facilities
  6. Personal Preferences / Management Conception