CMA Data (Credit Monitoring Arrangement)

CMA Report is the report used by the bankers to understand the past performance and future plans of the borrower. This report has to be submitted by the borrower. It will present comprehensive picture of the borrower covering presentation of Operating Statement and Balance Sheet in a manner suitable to Bankers for effective analysis and it will also generate series of reports covering

CMA data generally include 2 years Audited Financials and 3 future years Financial Projection of company, Fund flow statement, Changes in Working Capital report, Ratio analysis and Maximum Permissible Bank Finance (MPBF) report.

a) Financial Indicators, b) Working Capital Assessment, c) Working Capital Levels, d) Fund Flow Analysis

CMA data contains the  following Information /  statements

  1. Particular of Existing & proposed limits
  2. Operating statement:
  3. Analysis of Balance sheet:
  4. Comparative statement of Current Asset & liabilities:
  5. Calculation of MPBF:
  6. Fund flow statement:
  7. Ratio analysis: