PSB Loan in 59 minutes is a MSME Loan focussed on automation of the Loan Process in such a way that one can get eligibility letter, Approval in less than 60 minutes and can choose the bank from the given list for a smoother MSME Loan process.

  • The Loan Amount varies from Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 5 Crore
  • PSB Loan in 59 minutes Rate of Interest starts from 8.50% onwards
  • The Loan Processing takes 59 minutes; reduced from 20-25 days
  • Post the approval of the loan, the Loan Amount takes 7-8 working days to be disbursed


For the Business which already exist the borrower should be GST, IT compliant and should have Six Months Bank Statement. The Loan Eligibility will be determined on the following factors:

  • Income/Revenue
  • Repayment Capacity of the Borrower
  • Existing credit facilities
  • Other factors set by the Financial Lender


  1. Loan Amount starting from Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 5 Crore: PSB Loans in 59 minutes helps in providing loan amount starting from Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 5 Crore to all the business individuals so any business requirement small or big can be met easily with the mentioned loan amount.
  2. Rate of Interest: The rate of interest for PSB Loans in 59 minutes starts from 8.50% onwards.
  3. Minimal Documentation: With PSB Loans in 59 minutes, the entire process of a Small Business Loan for MSMEs is expected to become super quick and hassle free that too with minimal documentation.
  4. Advanced Technology Backed Loans: PSB Loans in 59 minutes processes the loans without human intervention till the stage of sanction or the disbursement. The analysis process is done from the various sources of the loan applicant’s financial profile.
  5. Apply at Multiple Banks: PSB Loans in 59 minutes provides a convenient process for the loan applicants who can apply for a Small Business Loans at multiple times in one go.
  6. Safe and Secure: The platform understands the safety of the information given by the Loan Applicants. The entire data of the applicants is safe and secure with the highest level of security.
  7. Integration with Govt. Facilities: PSB Loans in 59 minutes is integrated with the latest facilities like Income Tax Return, GST, and Bank statement so it helps in decision making of the loan application