Management Audit

Management audits provide many & immediate benefits for the company as well as management on executive level. Changes are becoming more frequent and faster & the business world is becoming more complex. To regularly assess your company’s effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and competitiveness is therefore of the utmost importance. Management Audit services aim to provide comprehensive, objective, reliable and accurate assessments of company’s effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and readiness to respond to changes in the macro environment.

Management audits guarantee a true & fair analysis and status quo definition through a neutral third party. Due to the individual feedback about his/her personal strengths and weaknesses the executive manager has the ability to establish a verified basis for his/her further career-and personal development.

Management audits provide transparency regarding management competence and potentials. They offer the possibility for reliable comparisons with other companies about structure and quality (benchmarking). In other terms, management audits serve as an uncommitted basis of decision-making for the assignment and personality development of executive managers.

Area of application of management audits are:

  • Merger and restructuring processes focus on how positions should be filled in general.
  • Drawing up significant management statements following various changes in strategy.
  • Benchmarking / Due diligence analysis is done for the determination of the company’s position among
  • competitors also compared with best practice.
  • Advising the company regarding development and succession planning processes.