Mega Food Parks

Implementing Agency

 The Mega Food Park project is implemented by a special purpose vehicle (SPV) which is a body corporate registers under the companies Act. However, state government, State government entities and cooperatives are not required to form a separate SPV under the revised guidelines. Possession of at least 50 acres of contiguous land by the SPV for the CPC with conversion for industrial/ infrastructure use is required. Subject to fulfillment of the conditions of the scheme guidelines, the funds are released to the SPVs.

Pattern of assistance:

Components Pattern of assistance
% of Grant Maximum limit
General areas 50% of Eligible project cost Rs. 50 crore per project
Difficult and hilly areas i.e. (North eastern region) 75% of Eligible project cost Rs. 50 crore per project

Release of Grant:

The grant-in-aid under the scheme is released in four installments of 30%, 30%, 20% and 20%, subject to other scheme parameters.

Time Schedule:

S.No Particulars Time Period
1 Final Approval to release of 1st installment 6 months
2 1st installment to release of 2nd installment 8 months
3 2nd installment to release of 3rd installment 8 months
4 3rd installment to release of 4th and final installment 8 months
Total 30 months