TMOC/ Coconut Development Board

Integrated Farming For Productivity Improvement:

The objective of the programme is to improve production and productivity of the coconut holdings through an integrated approach and thereby increasing the net income from unit holdings with the following component programmes.

Management of disease affected palms: An amount of Rs.250/- per palm is provided as an incentive for removal of root wilt/ thanjavur wilt/ ganoderma and tatipaka disease advanced palms.

Laying out of demonstration plots: Financial assistance of Rs.35,000 per ha in two annual installments is provided for adoption of integrated management practices in disease affected gardens.

The objective of the programme is to encourage the farmers to adopt the technology developed for the management of disease affected coconut gardens.

Assistance for organic manure units: To promote the use of organic manure like vermicompost, coir pith compost, ordinary compost and FYM in coconut holdings. Financial assistance of Rs.20000 per unit or 50% of cost of production is provided for setting up of a unit.

Technology Demonstration:

Financial assistance for setting up of pilot plants for the integrated coconut processing @ 50% of the cost of Building / Plant / Machinery or Maximum Rs.5 lakhs.

Aid to technological research:

  • Financial assistance to coconut based industries @ 25% of the cost of building / plant / machinery or Rs.2.50lakhs whichever is less.
  • Financial assistance for the introduction of Ag-Mark / ISO Standards in coconut processing units @ 25% of the cost of laboratory equipments or Rs.1 lakh whichever is less.
  • Grant-in-aid for the development and fabrication of machinery for coconut processing / cultivation / plant protection @ 25% of the cost or Rs.5 lakhs, whichever is less.
  • Techno-economic studies on product diversification and by product utilization.

Financial assistance under Technology Mission:

  • Under Technology Mission on Coconut, financial assistance @ 25% of the project cost limited to a maximum of Rs.50.00 lakhs is extended as credit linked back ended subsidy for setting up of coconut processing units for production of value added coconut products.
  • Financial assistance is provided for market promotion of coconut products through the media, participation in exhibitions / developing / hiring display facilities in super markets, adopting attractive packaging etc.
  • @ 50% of the project cost limiting to Rs.10.00 lakhs for individuals and Rs.25.00 lakhs to co-Operative organisations.